Exercise I: Strange things about numbers: Ghosts

There is also a more general meaning of the word “ghost” in theoretical marketing, which is discussed below: How can I earn money from marketing-ghosts, or mGhosts  ? Here is a serious way to describe some very rewarding good mGhosts or marketing-ghosts:

Right-counting summation paths

The exact form or formulation of marketing-ghosts, or mGhosts, is dependent on the particular gauge chosen, although the same good money positive earning results are obtained with all the gauges. The gauge is usually the simplest gauge for this purpose, and is assumed for the rest of this article.

Exercise I: Cure your market views with this picture & music then go to Exercise II.

Metaphysical ghost
Exercise I : Visualize the center while listening to this 532 Mhz flow.

Every ethical relationships respected

mGhosts respects ethical relationships, and are often regarded as Good Magic Real Money Systems.

Gauge counters and associated mGhosts money flows

Every gauge counters has an associated mGhost, or marketing-ghost, and where the gauge field acquires a increment, the associated ghost account acquires the equivalent money rewards.

Exercise II: Get recruited as a marketing executive:  The second step

Appearance in diagrams

In most diagrams the mGhosts, or marketing-ghosts, appear as closed loops. Their contribution to the Money-Matrix is exactly proportional to contributions from followers’ activities. A loop of followers activities not wholly composed is not cancelled by mGhosts programs which are good by essence.

Exercise III: Get recruited as a marketing manager: The third step

mGhosts or marketing-ghosts fields

Two terms: A first term is a more a slang term like a short code or a “secret” code used by professionals who already earn from it. And the second term describes the interaction with the followers in order to earn more money from void. Note that in both cases they are ethical and a very smart way to earn money with zero, null, nada, no investment at all !

Exercise IV: Get recruited as a marketing trader : The fourth step

mGhosts in theoretical marketing

The ghosts are sometimes referred to as “good ghosts”. The “bad ghosts” represent another, more general meaning of the word “ghost” in theoretical marketing: States of negative norm—or marketing with the wrong ethic, whose existence do not last long on the market because no-one want bad ghosts, but only mGhosts who are good in essence and generate money automatically for the subscriber & the developers at the same time and with equity.

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